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Subject: [s-acc] Dark Side experience

Date: Wed 07/04/12 09:10 PM



Last Saturday I attended a showing of the Martha Davis' film "Doctors of the Dark Side" described HERE in San Francisco. That is a project of PsySR and was organized by them along with other professional groups who are advocates against the practice of torture by psychologists.

The film is an excellent and engaging presentation and shows plainly the behavior of the torture professionals and the system of justification of their behavior by our national security system with the support of the APA (Psychology). I recommend it to others here as it shown around the country; it might even be possible for people here to help put together a showing on a local basis.

What I saw clearly from the film and from the succeeding panel of psychologists was the intentionality of the national security system to "behavior manage" the cultures of the world on behalf of the U.S. national "agenda." Bad as that is, it means that we here are "not alone" in facing that system of management whose process is said to be "scientific" and whose effects are so widely denied.

The film location was at the Delancey Street Foundation which is a (predominantly forensic) residential facility. The staff working at the event were survivors of the behavior management oppression system and identified with my calling myself "behavior object." The person serving the refreshments was happy to provide "pellets" as requested.


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