Blake’s Tyger


From: 'Andrew Phelps' <>


Subject: RE: [PsySR-humanrights] town hall

Date: Wednesday, August 12, 2015 4:58 PM



Indeed, the client/survivor movement has been on the "wrong side of the one-way mirror" in the repressive framework brought on by APA's torture and interrogation agenda. As Tsr points out, [the man you mentioned] did manage to speak out in the confusion at the APA Town Hall.

As you are well aware, going forward will involve psychologist/clinicians learning to challenge the "clinical gaze" and start to hear what people with lived experience are actually saying. Best wishes in getting "one of those shirts" and let's engage further what John Shotter calls "social accountability" here in regards the oppression of the culture of those stereotyped as "mentally ill."





On Wed, 8/12/15, Ijk wrote:

You will pleased to know that at the town hall an 84 year-old man, wearing a tee shirt with the symbol of woman and electrical current, explained to us that his shirt protests the extensive use of ECT on women. He came shyly to the mic and gave a moving account of abuse and torture of psychiatric patients. Somewhere this is on film.

And I WANT one of those shirts!