From: "Andrew Phelps" <>

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Subject: Re: [s-acc] community conversation experience

Date: Sun 07/21/13 01:34 PM



Abc wrote:

The circles this otherwise would potentially generate would put Sambo to shame...

I participated as did several others associated with the Social Accountability Work Group. The event was "first of many" and was oriented to the City and County of Sacramento: The Mayor and two local members of Congress were among the speakers.

Our Work Group has a long-time process of building "grassroots advocacy." What we experienced yesterday represented a reductive version of grassroots activism: Out voicing was not being heard, we each expressed that we felt that way.

This process is "big-time" and has the backing of the President and the "Information Brief" each person got was provided by SAMHSA. Grassroots advocacy is "on the hot seat."

I'd say the imperative we face is that we need to work towards social change in the nature of grassroots advocacy. The movement being created is long on resources but it is short on insight into the dignity and respect problems that obtain and many individuals we met there so advocated without significant success.