Mental Health First Aid SJCC


From: Andrew Phelps <>


Subject: [s-acc] community conversation experience

Date: Sat 07/20/13 12:59 AM



I'm sure there are a number of others on the list who are engaged in the "community conversation" process that is the outcome of the June White House Summit on Mental Health: HERE. The polity being constructed is expected to help structure the social relations of "mental health" - and "behavior management" in particular going forward.

The first West Coast experience is today (Saturday) July 20 in Sacramento, CA. I'm expecting to "learn" that I experience 'stigma' and that I should consider that I "need treatment."

In 1963 President Kennedy said we needed to bring the mental health clients "into community" and in due course we learned that the implications were complicated and the implementation problematic in places and - indeed - less than clearly planned out. Today President Obama has said we need to bring mental health "into dialogue" and - again the impression arises that the process contracted for lacks credibility: We shall see.

Saturday is also a day of action nationally for the people who are out of sorts with the Trayvon Martin verdict. President Obama has spoken up now HERE and said that he, too, has experienced the commonplace racist stereotyping for which Mr. Martin was accosted and then shot.


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