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Subject: Re: [PsySR-humanrights] Historical context

Date: Saturday, July 11, 2015 12:51 PM



Another part of the historical context is the client/survivor advocacy in support of that "history in the making." We have taken a "social role" in regards the grassroots social construction that has - as Nop says - "enabled truth to be revealed."

The Social Accountability Work Group did a play on the sidewalk between the two major conference buildings at that conference: "The Businessman Has No Clothes" HERE.

Today the "accountability" issue comes to the fore. And it is worth noting that "accountability" for engagement with "madness" by violent methods still does not fully obtain, even within circles of "social responsibility."

I trust the people who have heroically challenged the APA leadership will take that concern under consideration further. A recent article (May 22, 2015, here in Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry) speaks to an example of the kind of concern that has not yet been successfully engaged.



Andrew Phelps



On Sat, 7/11/15, Twz wrote:

For some historical context or just a happy reminder of how far the anti-torture movement has come, I recommend re-watching these Democracy Now! segments from 2007 (or watching them for the first time if you've never seen them--it's history in the making). Includes much eloquence from PsySR members including current and former leaders. Twz

APA Interrogation Task Force Member Dr. Jean Maria Arrigo Exposes Groupís Ties to Military here

Dissident Voices: Ex-Task Force Member Dr. Michael Wessells Speaks Out on Psychologists and Torture here

APA Members Hold Fiery Town Hall Meeting on Interrogation, Torture here