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From: Andrew Phelps <>


Sent: Sun Oct 20 11:29

Subject: [behave] Cindy Chavez experience



We advertised the Food Justice Panel done by Téatro Vision Friday nite before the MACARIO performance: HERE.

Cindy Chavez was the moderator. She came from a joint meeting of the S.J. City Council and the County Board of Supervisors. Major topic of that discussion (she said) had been that the City of San Jose has the "3rd largest homeless population" of any U.S. city (after L.A. and N.Y.C.). The panel discussion itself went to a variety of ongoing efforts to improve food quality and availability in the city: That is a dialogue which needs to be enhanced!

In Q&A I asked about the homeless concern, citing Berkeley's recent defeat of the "Sit-Lie" measure to control the homeless, and parallel advocacy against poverty issues (such as 'minimum wage') where there was recent political success in San Jose. [In the "BEHAVE" advocacy, the Mental Health Services Act is used to house a few 'elite' homeless at high cost, whereas building a major facility (I call that the "Guadalupe Villa") of RVs to provide shelter has not been tried, although funding could be set up.]

Cindy, former head of the South Bay Labor Council and newly elected to the BOS, responded warmly. A path forward is sought for the community to do better, challenge the homeless situation, and engage the social breakdown that obtains