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From: Andrew Phelps <>


Subject: Re: [S-ACC] cat in the loft

Date: Mon 02/17/14 05:09 PM



On Mon Feb 17 14:38, you sent:

Though it may seem vastly off topic, I tend to believe that "accidents" don't just "happen".

As you know, there are deep and unresolved differences with the tendency under consideration. At the Portland Alternatives 2006 there was actually an effort to re-construct dialogue, however that fell down. <sigh!>

I agree that interpreting the "cat in the loft" incident could be interesting, however I also agree that is "off topic." We are seeking to "do right" under the situation where the power relations have changed; reconciliation is a collateral topic.

And that is not actually a light hearted or casual statement or a mall concern, in terms of the character of what we are really ultimately dealing with here if there is to be some challenge to the paradigms that need to implement and evaluate the role of mind in the world, BTW.

"The role of mind in the world" is the subtext and that means our handle on that must upgrade: In that sense you are right. At the 2006 event, we also did a "grassroots advocacy" workshop (institute) in that flavor: HERE

I want to understand better how to go forward given the experience of the "ladder problem," and I do appreciate your effort at framing in that sense. We can and should identify the psychology of engaging the "Goofy" way of being.