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From: Andrew Phelps <>


Cc: friends

Subject: [S-ACC] cat in the loft

Date: Sun 02/16/14 06:11 PM



"Cat in the loft" has become a metaphor for how the client/survivor movement engages the "madness" problematic and acquires "lived experience" with today's prevailing "Goofy" character expectation. The metaphor relates to a personal experience of one of the heroes of the "first wave" of our movement, who sustained disability consequent on "climbing the ladder." Today the people who carry on his advocacy have brought focus to the "creative maladjustment" perspective of Martin Luther King, Jr. in his challenge to the validity of "behavioral science." Now we find that there is new conversation regarding the authenticity of such science, including the "international critical psychiatry" challenge to "diagnostic behavior," as has been previously reported.

My impression is that many of us are taking in the "cat in the loft" experience in a personal way, seeing what doesn't work for them in any manner anticipated. I am personally up against a "social change" problematic which is specific to my own ongoing work, one which continues the "occupy behavior" paradigm. The expectation of reducing to a "Goofy" character brings me anxiety and a focus on "doing right" moving forward. So far I have not yet "broken my neck" and I do acknowledge the sincerity of taking such a risk in the process of existential being.

Others in the "work group" who experience challenge of such character are invited to post, in a kind and respectful manner. It is apparent that we are "taking the heat" and that constructing the way forward makes for a difficult project.

That is not to say we need a direct "repeat" of the "Network Organizing" approach. That does however appear to indicate that as we come to grips with our risk of being, as we "occupy behavior," we shall construct our networking while operating in the manner of sensitivity to the difficulty of going "into the loft."



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