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You are speaking to the topical presentation experienced at the 2013 International Critical Psychiatry Workshop at the Anthropology Dept. in Berkeley HERE.

The conversation is ongoing and deserves the attention of socially responsible psychologists interested in the "mental health" activity.

Follow-ups include Dec. 11, 2014 U.C. presentation by Cristiana Giordano on "ethno-psychiatry" at the Frantz Fanon Center in Turin. Also the advocacy organized at De Anza College last October 14 HERE - such efforts are meant to "bring home" the discussion of care in the community.


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On Sat, March 7, 2015 5:38 pm, Twz wrote:  HERE

Care in the community in Italy
No more asylums
by Mathilde Goanec

It took over 20 years to close all of Italy's psychiatric hospitals and replace them with drop-in or short-stay mental health centres in the community. Today the Italian system is admired worldwide.