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From: "Andrew Phelps" <>

Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 08:35:07 -0800

Subject: [s-acc] business plan



The California Network of M.H. Clients (CNMHC) appears to be "going down," just as the Texas MHC did.

In 1995, when the State DMH Director hired a "client consultant" and (re)designed the business arrangement, some of us decided we needed a business model based on "freedom and dignity" and that such was not the design undertaken. Carol Moss worked as volunteer coordinator of the Network for two years; she brought us the polity of 'accountability'. Her advocacy was "tossed out" as part of the business model that was imposed. Since then, many of us have worked to do "reset" and get the CNMHC "back on track."

There's a history of a morally "broken" organization because it lived out the politics of "marginalizing the advocacy for the grassroots" rather than nurturing the "client base." Our co-founder Maria Maceira-Lessley sold CNMHC a project on multicultural client culture advocacy which actually worked: That had to be "cut off" so that it wouldn't challenge the prevailing business arrangement.

Now DMH has lost its funding and traction and the prevailing business model has failed. Two questions obtain, for me.

  1. Is there a suitable "business plan" to apply?
  2. How to engage the "bad psychology" of (especially) the last 14 years negative social dynamics?

I tender these concerns to the list.