Eric Garner


From: Andrew Phelps <>


Subject: breathing difficulty

Sent: Fri Jan 9 10:50



I can't breathe, still I must needs take the stigma and structural violence of the mental health system. Where there is a lacking in social responsibility, breathing difficulties emerge.

The new effort to transform the mental health practicum is symbolized by a Viking ship adorned flyer HERE. We all know that when Leif Erikson set up his Vinland colony in the New World, he made that a model of racial justice: NOT.

Several of us intend to be at the Menlo Park event January 24th 8AM-4PM to learn how "Each Mind Matters" (as long as the people behave themselves). I encourage PsySR Bay Area members to share that experience, which may be arranged (free) from Eventbrite by way of the link provided on the flyer.

Also, PsySR has set up "action groups" including the "mental health system action group" and people are encouraged to join (write and ask to join). One can imagine an authentic effort to fight stigma and embrace "our voices, our lives," one that would be posed in a socially responsible framework.


Seeking inspiration

Andrew Phelps