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From: Andrew Phelps <>

To: Mental Health Activism and Advocacy <>

Subject: Re: [Actmad] Fwd: Horrible quotes via Cheryl Prax from ECT proponents

Sent: Fri Jan 1,2016 22:49




"When you go to the meat counter (at the 'Co-op' market), I recommend that you buy brains." Walter Freeman (son) said that to his Physiology class at Berkeley, which I attended in 1978.



On Fri Dec 30 16:21, Xad sent:

"The greater the damage, the more likely the remission of psychotic symptoms . . . Maybe it will be shown that a mentally ill patient can think more clearly and more constructively with less brain in operation." Dr Walter Freeman - the psychiatrist/ice pick lobotomist who introduced ECT to America

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