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Subject: Re: [PsySR-humanrights] (FYI) Obama Goes Public With Brain-Mapping Plan

Date: Friday, April 5, 2013, 7:33 AM



I suggest you look at Peggy Cooper Davis' website at the NYU Law School HERE and do "Overview."

My life experience is that I worked for Norma Haan as a research assistant on her moral psychology research project. [See "On Moral Grounds" by Haan, Aerts, and Cooper for further reference.]


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On Fri, 4/5/13, Uwy wrote:

FYI Apropos of calls for work on ethics....

We are creating an "Ethics Forum" that will be part of an Ethics Study Guide to go on the Doctors of the Dark Side website. The 4-part Study Guide is designed for Health Profession Ethics classes screening the film, but individuals can use it with or without the film and the Forum part is for everyone who agrees to the rules for respectful discussion. The Guide and Forum will focus on "Health Profession Ethics in Dual Loyalty Conflicts" (particularly military detention and US prisons but including research and non-prison contexts). The stress will be on defining the conflict; what should be done to resolve it AND we particularly want a place to talk about the challenges of reporting abuse and what legal, professional, etc options and protections there are or should be. We have some prison and military officials, and medical and psychology ethics experts reviewing it including Robert Jay Lifton, Stephen H. Miles and Ken Pope. Publication date is sometime in May.