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Thank you so much for these comments.

On Fri Jan 20 9:05, Rpn sent:

While I did a good job at explaining the problem with the conservative agenda, the problems with the liberal agenda are huge too. 

The 99% need to advocate in a way that pulls apart that 1% agenda above. Whenever I check out the "Occupy," I find myself troubled and challenged: I ask, "How do I voice the 'behavior object' problematic?" So far, I'm still experiencing "rhetorical deficiency."

While the conservative agenda works to keep things where they are and can be very demeaning in that sense, the problem with the liberal agenda is instead of being "those people," we are "those poor little people," that need to be helped and handled with kid gloves. 

Indeed. What I've found is that the "natural" response is a kind of "banging," where insistence on one's authenticity is repeatedly required. "Patterns of emotional expression" doesn't get the respect needed from conventional psychology. :-(

The only agenda that works is the "alternative" and "individual" agenda (and not one sponsored by SAMHSA).  If we let ourselves believe that any side of the government is truly here to help us, I believe we are sadly mistaken. 

The government is caught in a control agenda around national security, that obviates "truly here to help us." What I watch in particular is the "psychology of terrorism" because that's the current version of *making sure* we march to the tune of that 1% agenda. Thus: "Here is a (small) dose of compassion, so that you will achieve sufficient 'compliance'." (That's your 'liberal' variant.)

We need both our Booker T. Washington and WEB Dubois.  We need to have our people stand up and work hard to prove that we are simply people, yet at that same time need the person who is not afraid to scream out loud that we are equal and then prove it. 

When I met you in Orlando we talked to the matter of Vygotsky's critical view of behaviorism. In my math teaching I invite students to investigate the social dynamic of the formation of the NAACP, as you relate above. In general, I'd say, a sociohistorical critique is needed if behavioral sense is to be made of "lived experience."



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