From: Andrew Phelps <>


Cc: friends

Subject: [s-acc] behavior occupation experience

Date: Sun 10/07/12 09:11 PM



The conversation on 'dignity' and 'respect' develops naturally from the advocacy for "occupying our behavior." Slowly I'm reaching out and networking on that basis, and to good effect. We seek to re-network the client/survivors at the grassroots. We want to reclaim and strengthen our advocacy.

Delphine Brody and Pat Risser will help with Thursday's workshop on "Occupying Our Behavior in a Responsible Way." I'm expecting Drake Ewbank's participation also. Pamela Inaba and Maria Ostheimer are unable to come to Portland, so I've asked each of them to provide some written comments about their experiences of behavior occupation. A working version of Pamela's comments is online HERE - do check it out!

If others here wish to provide comments for handout at the workshop, or - even better - if someone will be at Alternatives and wishes to help us in presenting the workshop, contact me off-list HERE .. For, as this way of talking grows on us, many of us have *very interesting* things to say. That is not just "lived experience," it's the experience of attentively engaging in our own behavior: It's the experience of overcoming the "behavior management" system of "telling us what to do." We are not just "behavior objects," we are people with life projects of our own.

We also have an exhibit table where items may be provided. On Saturday nite, the Accountability Caucus is doing a 'caucus' extending the "behavior occupation" theme, with focus on working towards the dynamics of bullying. This is a time when "madness" is becoming more of a 'mainstream' issue. We have the responsibility to build that perspective in the most positive and productive way we can engage.


ABO "Andrew Behavior Object"