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Subject:  Re: [psysr-disc] A proposed bipartisan approach by House Democrats in the new Congress: Setting an example for the country

Date:  Sunday, November 18, 2018 8:10 PM



The social construction of what Yxw calls "the radical agenda" is a difficult matter, also easy to do in a dysfunctional frame: "Denial" has structural complexity that needs to be recognized, and then engaged.

The historical parallel goes to Antonio Gramsci and his struggle against Benito Mussolini, which followed a path which was - ultimately - successful (unlike the parallel struggle in Germany regarding the Nazi regime).

The psychology involved was called "cultural hegemony" - much has been written there-upon. I have argued that the deconstruction of "behavioral health oppression" provides a work space to build more of an operative process.

I know various people on the list have insights that tend to match what I say. and the period where that concern has not been sufficiently engaged, now exhibits crisis modality.





On Sun, 11/18/18, Kmn wrote:

I agree Yxw

Much of the debate will take place within the Democratic Party only with a more positive outcome than 1972 because Trump is where Nixon was after watergate and the Pentagon papers coming up to 2020. The elite cannot have both parties and our democracy survive