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From: Andrew Phelps <no-action@cwnet.com>

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Subject: [s-acc] new occupy dialogue

Date: Mon 11/11/13 06:20 PM



In addition to reaching out to Barbara Lee at the Saturday nite "Daughters of the Civil Rights Movement" event in Oakland, CA, there was also reach-out to Jean Quan the Mayor of Oakland. Delphine went to talk with her after the event regarding the police domination of the Oakland Occupy: She can say more on what she said. When I came up, I heard the talk and my mind went to the history of the client/survivor movement there having insufficient engagement with the police control dynamic.

I mentioned to Ms. Quan (whom I'd previously met) about Dr. Melanie Tervalon, the pediatrician at Oakland Children's Hospital who talks "cultural humility" and was a leader in the process of "dialogue shift" in the Alameda County system in the early 90s. In that shift, for the client/survivors, "empowerment" was brought in. "Respect" was not brought in, although the logic of Melanie's advocacy would move to that. And for today the lie about "mental illness" still obtains, as we face the new polity of "community conversation" and now "parity."

Later I said directly, "We took tear gas together," referring to our joint engagement in the 1969 U.C. Berkeley Third World Strike. [Jean was a lead organizer of the Asian-American advocacy in that strike for "ethnic studies."]

Again, while I do not think we have achieved an authentic conversation, I do think that the stereotypes are breaking down more and more. And there is a discussion that needs to be moved forward ..