Peggy Wallace Kennedy speaks


From: Andrew Phelps <>


Cc: colleague

Subject: [s-acc] behavior dialogue startup

Date: Sun 11/10/13 08:23 PM



In the "New Social Roles" project we are now starting up "stage 2" which involves "limited action projects" (LAPs). We are seeking to work out how to talk between clients and clinicians about the dynamics of activist behavior where we can reach past the conventional stereotyping that confuses such talk generally.

Our first "LAP" started yesterday with Delphine and myself attending a meeting of "Daughters of the Civil Rights Movement" in Oakland, CA. Our concern was to learn about how to reach out to Congressperson Barbara Lee (who sponsored the event) so that "mental patients can be heard" and that our activism can contribute to her political work. In the present language, we face a "token" style of interaction and she takes her political risks without our direct contribution.

At another level, we are seeking to shift the focus of interaction to critique of "diagnosis behavior" in a way that reflects the integrity of our own activity. And we are reaching to certain clinicians whom we understand to have a passion for being responsible and "doing things right."

Our interaction with Congressperson Lee (there were about 700 persons at the event, which was quite remarkable in itself) did not achieve the change in the 'respect' dynamic of the dialogue that we'd care to see. Neither did we expect such, rather our "LAP" project takes on meaningful discussion regarding working out how to do so, under the aegis of socially responsible psychology and our own socially accountable work process.

Event flyer HERE.

Much to say. Interest in deeper involvement may be sent to myself off-list, for instance