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From: "Andrew Phelps" <dis_course@yahoo.com>

To: S-ACC@yahoogroups.com

Subject: [S-ACC] becoming a person

Date: Monday, December 5, 2016 7:49 AM



I organized a workshop at Alternatives 2016 entitled "Getting the Ducks in Line." That meant that people whose project is framed thus (notably behavior managers in the "mental health" system) were to be seen as measured by a limited perspective.

The opposite advocated there was having people "with madness" teach the system how to work better, how to transcend the "ducks in line" approach. The "first wave" of our movement brought in empowerment, and that initiated the institutional challenge above.

As an initiative working towards the "second wave," today I've organized a dialogue session regarding having a Child Development Center (CDC) built - institutionalized - at San Jose City College. That is something that was tried historically, and fell down, and we seek to mobilize the "madness" needed to bring forward that institutional arrangement.

I'm unable to say that the personal and political risk taken will have sufficient reach. I do think that the present political circumstances speak to making such an effort.




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