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From: "Andrew Phelps" <>

Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 06:14:59 -0700

Subject: [s-acc] banging [1]



I'm thinking about "banging" - that's the psychology of being when all one has left one can do is "occupy." There has to be some kind of social accountability but the path thither is not plain. The 1% control the situation/funding/stereotyping and "timing" is what's left. Frustration is experienced and meaningful action is not plainly set out.

For "pellet joy" - our behavioral expectation - does not meet the standard of socially responsible behavior. <sigh!>

Our friend was so frustrated with the "1% behavior" in regards his employer that he quit. He didn't know what to do note our "business" problematic is very difficult - and he ended up banging. His wife told me he would come to an intersection where cars were stopped and drive out around in a circle - which is a challenge to the vehicle code. Now he's in the County jail on multiple charges of vehicular "banging" (not: causing accident).

For our "Work Group" to move forward, we'd do well to engage the psychology of banging.


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