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Date: Thu, July 21, 2016 11:13 pm

Subject: RE: [psysr-disc] Behavior therapist shot helping autistic patient



The proper concern relates to what Antonio Gramsci called "cultural hegemony." When the "grassroots" process is nurtured sufficiently, the 1% "top down" approach, employed by the authorities and based on habitual use of violence, tends to lose institutional dominance.

Benito Mussolini was a radical socialist who talked in the 1% frame, and went on to link with the "Axis." Gramsci's organizational framework - in the end - brought him down (albeit the U.S. took credit more than was appropriate).

The psychological concerns which engage that lived experience were taken up by Franco Basaglia, and others, to change the mental health culture in Trieste and - eventually - in much of northern Italy. They applied Foucault's critique of the clinical social relations and also Frantz Fanon's critique of the "psychopathology of colonialism" (wiki quote) to operate within the "grassroots" organizational framework.

We need to reach to that kind of historical concern and find what we may do in a socially responsible manner. I know that Jancis Long visited Trieste and saw their mental patient run facility at Barcola and met with their mental health director Dr. Mezzina.






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There is something very evil afoot that is going to require far more than just training.

We are developing a race war. I heard an “expert” say the other day that there is no way to permanently change the implicit attitudes of police (and others) – that we just have to have them learn skills for delaying violence and deferment.