From: "'Andrew Phelps' via Human Rights and Psychology"


Subject: Re: [PsySR-humanrights] Response of Division 35 to the Hoffman Report

Date: Saturday, August 15, 2015 9:52 PM



As a participant in listserv for the Association for Women in Psychology (AWP, which functions as the "work group" for Div. 35, akin to PsySR for Div. 48), I watched in those times while the discussion regarding Div. 35 in relation to the "torture" practicum evolved.

The fear often presented was that they would be "singled out" due to the sexism commonly practiced in the APA, and "dissolved." I'd suggest that a better critique on the "gender role" problematic than you present, would render a different-shaped advocacy for the "Council's action agenda" than one might infer from your comments below.

In my terms, "behavior" needs to be understood in terms of issues of oppression, like racism, sexism, heterosexism, and others. See for instance the work of Alexander Luria and Lev Vygotsky.

I've seen posting from persons involved long-time with the AWP leadership recently on the PsySR internet. Likely the stereotyping of their "social responsibility" behavior might be addressed from that quarter.






On Sat, 8/15/15, Vzd wrote:

Hi again Svy and others.

How about this Standard with regard to problems with Divisions:

There is a provision in the APA By-laws for dissolving Divisions, although I do not know if it has ever been done. I am presenting it here for your information:

100-1.3 The Board of Directors shall inform Divisions of activities that appear to be out of compliance with the Bylaws, Association Rules or policies of the Association. Continued failure or refusal to comply with these requirements may constitute good and sufficient reason for the imposition of sanctions, including the dissolution of a Division by the Council of Representatives. The Board shall seek to resolve issues of concern with Divisions on an informal basis before placing the issue on Council's action agenda.

As you can see, we would need to get the Board of Directors involved in any effort to impose sanctions and that the dissolution is done by Council. Since there is an important member of Division 19 on the Board right now, going directly to them will require more than just an inherent conflict of interest statement to get the Board involved.

Worth a thought.