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Subject: Re: [S-ACC] Articulated Violence Studies

Date: Thu 07/24/14 07:42 AM



Thank you very much for the discussion on violence studies. I appreciate your expression of interest - and parallel comments by Mog and Uvw on their creative efforts - in the structural violence by which the discrimination of the "mental illness" paradigm is implemented.

Our ongoing concern would be for overcoming the tokenism of responses to the lived experience of oppression by behavior management. We do good work and make meaningful contribution and the impact is marginalized.

In the 2003 APA (psychology) Toronto Conference, I was sitting with Lisa Cosgrove (who does Mental Health graduate instruction at U. Mass. Boston) at a feminist (Div. 35) workshop on research helping make "battering behavior" meet the DSM criteria for creating a new Dx. Suddenly she ran to the mike and said boldly, "I don't know which is worse, battering or diagnosis!"

There is passion and understanding "out there" and there are many practicing social accountability who are "moving the levers" to good effect on the "oppression" problematic. For me, I keep struggling to keep the institutional character of the prevailing system becoming better and better seen as a form of structural violence, as an outrage against engagement with the truth of social being.





Abc wrote:

I do not know if this is useful, though it does deal with some subtleties that should not get lost in the discussion of social perceptions of the behaviorally modified -

Though not based on the 1 to 1 correlation of people in the MH system vs people who were living in the community without diagnostic label that was the McArthur Foundation study on violence and mental illness (about 520 subjects in Pittsburgh with people exiting the state hospital as the control for MH - which renders the remarkable result that these folks, the less than one percent that get sent up the river as it were, are no more or less violent than the normal population minus substance abuse being present) ..

(McArthur here )