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Subject: Re: [S-ACC] APA Division 48 roundtable: Report

Date: Friday, September 14, 2018 10:25 PM


Delphine also has a report of her experience and advocacy at the APA Division 48 event. The flyer (link below) was not sufficiently descriptive, one might say: .. see  HERE

She tells me that "transformative justice" and related concerns may be spoken more fully than what I gave below. I concur, and I would be pleased were she able to post that way.

We attempted to carry forward the advocacy from Alternatives. Thus, I said: "We sought to characterize the oppression, to recommend 'culture change' activity, such as 'institutional shift', and present the pivotal role of imagination as a challenge to the polity of denial, notably in the context of 'mental health'."

The specifics of "kindness and responsibility" advocacy described there, derive from working the oppression of behavior management. They go towards ways one may work for "disability justice" and transcend the prevailing paradigm of "behavior object" stereotypy.






On Mon, 8/20/18, Andrew Phelps wrote:

Delphine Brody, Jancis Long, and myself did a roundtable presentation, "Imagination and Denial in Mental Health Advocacy," on Friday, Aug. 10, at the Division 48 hospitality suite at the A.P.A. (psychology) conference in San Francisco.



Full flyer at