From: 'Andrew Phelps'

To: <>

Subject: [S-ACC] major shift in APA (psychology)

Date: Sun 07/12/15 04:00 PM



In the last days, there has been a major shift in the polity of the APA (psychology). The "Hoffman report" came in link here (565 pages) and much of the top leadership has been fired, or made to resign. The unethical behavior, focused on collaboration with U.S. national security in regards torture (organized, aided, abetted) has come to the surface. Denial - for the last decade the dominant process in the APA leadership - has taken a serious hit.

My website folder here contains click-able documents, from psychologists, from the NY Times and the Guardian, among others. In the present context, the "behavior managers" have had exposed a widespread "behavior problem" in their own ranks.  [!]

The obvious meaning in the client/survivor context would be that many of the truths we assert, for which we have largely been marginalized, will have new resonance. Psychologists for Social Responsibility may be joined link here for $30 per year or claim of "limited income."