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Date: Sat 11/17/12 07:01 PM PST



Nancy Scheper-Hughes - graduate medical anthropology, U.C. Berkeley - is a leading advocate of the "clinical gaze critique" approach to the cultural issues of madness. The American Anthropological Association met this week in San Francisco and I was able to attend her workshop "Embodied Morals, Demoralized Minds: Crossing Contested Boundaries" HERE. That corresponds strongly to the issue of "sensitivity" as presented on the S-ACC website.

Rebecca Lester (Washington Univ., St. Louis) talked about how trauma survivors are people and not just "behavior objects." Tanya Luhmann (Stanford Univ.) spoke about Healing Voices as a culture phenomenon, challenging the prevailing psychiatric perspective. Neely Myers (GWU, Washington, DC) talked about the moral character of the "behavior object" experience.

After two other speakers, Nancy put things in terms of the politics of social role change. I'd comment that after the session I excited Tanya with awareness of Will Hall's work, and Neely with awareness of the work of Yvonne Smith. I'm pleased that "culture change in mental health" is an authentic talking point with these anthropologists/researchers.


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