From: 'Andrew Phelps'

To: <>

Subject: [S-ACC] alternate models

Date: Thu 07/16/15 10:19 PM



Michel Foucault saw that the problem of the "clinical experience" was the control dynamic of the "institutional gaze" (or "clinical gaze") which replaces the equity in the civil interaction of the psychologist/clinician and the client/survivor.

His 1971 event was when his mentee Franco Basaglia became Mental Health Director in Trieste, Italy.

The alternate Vision also came forward in 1971 with Philip Zimbardo's "Stanford Prison Experiment," which says the social role problem is "prisoners" versus "guards," and then engages the "mental illness" issue by denial.

Friday July 17th the film "Stanford Prison Experiment" opens in theaters around the country - would love to hear reports regarding the meaning of that "alternate Vision."