From: "Andrew Phelps <>"


Subject: [psysr-disc] Sunday workshop at Boston Alternatives

Date: Sun, August 13, 2017 11:26 pm


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Part of the "New Social Roles" project involves supporting the upgrade of the "client culture" to working on the problematic of "institutional shift."

Jancis Long, myself, Delphine Brody and two other client/survivor activists are to present at a workshop at Boston Alternatives  link here  on "Paths to Safety," at 1:30PM.

We are mindful of work that Sarah Kamens has been doing in the Humanist Psychology capacity, building a task force to promote safety for client/survivors facing violence.

In a deep sense, the Vision and bravery of people realizing their "life projects" by working at social change would need to be embraced, rather than "stereotyped" and then subjected to "treatment."


Andrew Phelps