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Subject: [S-ACC] Social Accountability workshop Alternatives 2017

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Workshop approvals at Alternatives have been slow in coming. They are now arranged and we are informed our workshop application has been approved.  :-)

Below I described the "learning objectives," which are reflected in the form of the "workshop description" made available to participants - that is my understanding. The language rendered has been substantially shifted, however the general direction of advocacy presented continues: I will post on that soon.

One important concern, especially given the late acceptance given the conference date August 18-21, is funding for the presenters: I have funding from my employer, Jancis Long is set up to handle the situation, however our other three (Delphine Brody, Pamela Inaba, Yvonne Smith) may have significant needs in that regard - any possibilities of assistance would be appreciated.

And of course others who have contributions should come forward - already, we are asking the participants to come up with their own insight and lived experience of "Paths to Safety." The same obtains for "Social Accountability Work Group" members, in manners of involvement that make structural sense in the workshop design (and conference context): Do come forward!






On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, I wrote:


I add a first draft "learning objective" statement which speaks to working oppression concerns under present conditions.

107 word learning objectives statement =

Lived experience beyond the "mental illness" frame involves developing the "life project" and constructing the way of being in a creative and meaningful fashion. Panelists will speak to their experience in supporting "paths to safety" as they pursue their "life projects," the social role of transcending involvement in "mental health" (as client/survivor or as compassionate provider), and the roles of discrimination and intersectionality. The learning objective is to raise the level of people's insight and conversation in regards the risks taken and the "safety strategies" that may obtain. The deep concern would be to help upgrade client/survivor understanding of reconciliation while facing oppression, under prevailing social conditions.