“Death Without Weeping” by Nancy Scheper-Hughes


From: Andrew Phelps <phelps@cwnet.com>

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Sent: Wed Oct 22 6:02AM

Subject: [Actmad] an alternative



For next week's Alternatives, the Social Accountability Work Group applied to do a workshop, "Life Project Empowerment and Sensitivity to Diversity." That was rejected ("many good applications") as was an application for a caucus presentation.

There remains an effort to put social change projects on a grounded and authentic grassroots basis. On Tuesday I brought medical anthropologist Nancy Scheper-Hughes to a Silicon Valley community college - she presented on "Madness and Violence" and challenged the conventional paradigm for "treating 'mental illness'."

We wish to change people's attitudes toward the client/survivors and revolutionize the prevailing "behavior management" manner of engaging madness.



Andrew Phelps