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Why is it that nobody focuses on healing the victim?

As I recall, that was my concern at the time; it was also I believe on my associate's mind.

The answer appears to me to lie in the nature of state power, what today we call the "1% problem." My friend, I'm sorry to say, "moved on" because - like you - she felt cynical about the situation. I persisted, and although it took more than 20 years, I was able to help lead the process whereby the man was fired by his employer, the City of Berkeley.

Of course that doesn't resolve the hurt of the victim(s), it only provides a measure of social justice. As I posted earlier, there is a project in Berkeley underfoot ("sitting on the sidewalk") to develop the kind of "victim support" you/we would all like to see.

We need to stand up to the clinical gaze process that puts us in these terrible situations and then we need to transform the society.


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