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From: Andrew Phelps <>

Cc: Friends

Date: Sat, 12 May 2012 19:42:24 -0700

Subject: [s-acc] finding advocacy role



I worry for Ed Knight who - to my understanding - is in Teller Co. (Colorado) jail. He lost his position at ValueOptions, Inc. due to excessively dysfunctional behavior by the 1% who control that corporation. Ed worked thereafter to envision an activist path forward (see my earlier S-ACC post on "Black Panther Party" HERE). And then unfortunately the "banging" got the best of him. [!]

I can see many activists around who are "occupying their ways of being" and facing the multiple and seemingly insolvable - problems we face in challenging and overcoming our oppression. So let me speak for myself and say that on Thursday, I did a community forum at San Jose City College (we do one each term) on the "stereotyping" problematic that promotes the "banging" response. The core topic was "culture change in mental health" with the SJCC anthropology instructor - presenting HERE an alternative perspective on today's fashionable :-( topic of "suicide." The other speaker featured was the President of the Silicon Valley NAACP, who spoke on profiling and the Trayvon Martin case. Event flyer HERE.

I'm hoping of course to deconstruct the stereotyping that got Ed in difficulty with the law. At a deeper level, too, I'm doing what many others here are doing also - trying to help upgrade the conversation about behavior management so that the client/survivors may "occupy" their socially responsible behavior. And so that the mental health system may understand the critique of the clinical gaze. So that - forgive the directness of my speech - they be encouraged to engage more wisely and more fully take social responsibility regarding issues related to their own behavior.


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