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The message sent was written in the language of conventional psychology.

On Mon Aug 20 0:15 , Oli sent:

I do not think I am your adversary. Do you know something about what I do and its impact on others that I am not aware of. Like now, as before, you have said that we differ, and like before I am not really understanding how our differences manifest. 

It may be that I am not articulating well some points that I make or perhaps that my values and work may not reflect a uniformity with what I believed and may have expressed in the past. 

The manner of moving from identity politics to social responsibility is not plainly represented in your post.

Today I am interested in seeing people approached, interacted with and respected as unique individuals in which their dynamic joys and suffering propel them down various roads - some are good roads that work well for them, and too often finding roads with limited opportunities and encountering difficulty finding safe, viable exits.

The above reflects a "personal" account and does not seem to represent clearly the genre of radical psychology.

A big part for me is my continued journey to diminish ego, and to forgive and truly let go of past events which I can do nothing about. 

But the issue of 'reconciliation' does need to be engaged overtly.

Please explain to me what you think I do, and how that is not acceptable to you.

It is good to "diminish ego" and yet until you indicate your "project" for social responsibility, what you are talking does not have the capacity to promote trust for me. :-(


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