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From: "Andrew Phelps dis_course@yahoo.com [S-ACC]"


Subject: [S-ACC] four ideas for "movement reset"

Date: Sat 02/07/15 10:34 PM



To build a movement takes areas of activism. The areas relating to empowerment from earlier are still important, however the "grassroots" direction forward involves areas relating to dignity and promoting social responsibility. I'll suggest four ideas, which are meant to be suggestive rather than ideal categories.

We are talking social change which goes step by step as the struggle expands. The "stepping process" itself needs discussion so that phenomena like bullying and cult violence do not take control. The Basaglia critique of "mental health" will nurture understanding. From time to time anthropologists may be found who have insight into working through "sticking points" in the process.

None of the ideas above are "out of the blue." They each pull together practices previously engaged by many in a more limited fashion. In the current metaphor, the "Ferguson" level of breakdown of the equivalent of the "new Jim Crow" wiil come to pass over time. For a lengthy period, what will happen is development of advocacies that nurture occasional pushes where some old habits break down and new ones emerge to replace them.


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