Schematic instructions for setting up your email account

You are required to have an email account for this course. You may use your own account, or set up a Yahoo!® email account for this purpose, if you prefer..

Note: Yahoo!® is a commercial site and it keeps being changed around. As a result, sometimes the setup may work differently than described below — in this case, see the instructor or find your own way, if it’s not too tricky of a thing. Sorry about that 
  1. In your browser (Firefox, IE or Netscape), go to location
  2. On the Yahoo!® homepage, click on the link to Yahoo! Mail 
  3. On the ‘Welcome to Yahoo! Mail’ page, click on the link ‘Sign up now!’ Choose ‘Free Yahoo! Mail’, unless you want to pay for this service
  4. On the page headed ‘Sign up for your Yahoo! ID with Mail’ fill out the form. Certain information is necessary, some is optional. The signup program will insist on what it considers to be necessary. Follow instructions
  5. Here are some pointers:
  6. You NEED a USER NAME, here called a ‘Yahoo ID’
  7. You must remember your password
  8. The ‘Security Question’ is for when you forget your password
  9. The ‘Current Email Address’ (optional) is any other email address of yours
  10. Fill in what you want to fill in of the rest. If it’s insufficient, the program will insist
  11. There are boxes like “Send me special offers ..” and “Send me more info ..” MAKE SURE THESE ARE NOT CHECKED! Otherwise your account will rapidly clog up with junk mail
  12. Do the ‘Word Verification’ — that is there so that other computers can’t automatically create email accounts
  13. When you’re ready, click on the button ‘Submit this form’
  14. If you haven’t filled out the form satisfactorily, the program will give you an error message and tell you what more it wants

    .. next page

  15. When you succeed, you will get a page with the message, ‘Welcome to Yahoo! your_name’, where your_name means your Yahoo! ID
  16. Again, don’t check any boxes! The checked box ‘Install Yahoo! Companion toolbar ..’ is optional
  17. On this page, click where it says ‘Continue to Yahoo! Mail’
  18. This puts you into your new account ..

  19. Now click on ‘Compose’
  20. In the ‘To:’ field put the instructor’s email address;
  21. Put in ‘Subject:’ the phrase, ‘First Message’;
  22. In the text area below, write a brief message for the instructor. Be sure to sign your name!
  23. Now click on the ‘Send’ button
  24. After you get a response indicating that the message has been sent, you get a page ‘Message Sent’. Click on ‘Sign Out’ (which should be at the upper right)
  25. You aren’t finished yet! Scroll down the page that says: ‘Thanks for using Yahoo! Mail!’ and click on ‘Sign Out Completely’