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Outline — DSP Training Plan
11AM to 3PM, August 30, 2002, Room 102 SJCC
Welcome Maria Fuentes
making City College friendly for mental health clients  10 min.
Survey I Nancy Wolfe  5 min.
Introductions & Orientation Andrew Phelps, Karen Pullen
talking to one another about mental health issues  15 min.
Morality Focus Walter Shwe
compliance expectations and the demand of ethical interaction  10 min.
Discrimination Dilemma [KEYNOTE] Alison Brunner
the duress of behavioral control promotes discrimination  20 min.
2×2 Discussions  50 min.
LUNCH  (provided)  30 min.
Trauma of Treatment [KEYNOTE] Selina Glater
what it feels like to be a mental health client  20 min.
2×2 Discussions  50 min.
Accountability Perspective Jose Rangel
taking responsibility and constructing dignity  10 min.
Survey II Nancy Wolfe  5 min.
Conclusion Michele Powers, Cheryl Crose  10 min.

RECEPTION following
Central County Self-Help Center, 687 N. King Road (at Mabury)
hosted by Santa Clara County Clients Network

Client Facilitators