This application is an opportunity for us to learn about your interest, background and areas of strength. Please be assured that people will be available to help you read and understand this application.

With the passage of the Mental Health Services Act in November 2004, we have the greatest opportunity ever to transform our public Mental Health System and improve the quality of lives of Alameda residents who have mental health issues.

To be successful we need the active involvement of persons with mental health issues in a variety of ways. Please fill out this form as soon as possible, but no later than April 23, 2007.

Those who return the form will be invited to our inspirational kickoff event scheduled for May 8th, 2007 where we will discuss further how we can be meaningfully involved in improving our lives and the lives of other persons who have mental health issues. Inspirational speakers that have been confirmed are: Gaile Steele, Alameda County Board of Supervisor; Sally Zinman, Executive Director of California Network of Mental Health Clients; and Linford Gayle, Vice-Chair of the Oversight and Accountability Commission of the Mental Health Services Act.




The purpose of consumer champions is to help other persons with mental health issues and to provide the consumer perspective in transforming Alameda County Mental Health Services to a recovery vision. Equally important, our purpose is to provide a strong voice; of, by, and for mental health consumers to now be heard on all issues concerning consumers in the mental health system and in the community.

To accomplish our purpose we need consumer champions to be active in numerous ways including: 1) helping persons with mental health issues in the programs in which we are involved, 2) working as paid staff in a variety of ways in mental health programs including consumer-operated programs, 3) participating in our campaign to combat stigma and discrimination in achieving community acceptance, 4) participating in Alameda County Behavioral Health Care committees, task forces, panels, and boards that are involved in program planning, oversight and evaluation, including transforming the system under the Mental Health Services Act.

Please fill out the attached questionnaire so that we can get a good idea about your experience, expertise, and interests. The end product of your responses will be a Database of Champions to draw upon when we receive requests for consumer representation to work proactively on the projects that are most important to us in helping others and changing the system.

Your name, region, expertise, and interest information in the Database of Champions will be considered public information. The address and phone numbers of respondents will not be released without permission.



If you are interested in being a member on the pool of champions, please complete the attached form and return it as soon as possible, but no later than our deadline of Monday, April 23rd, 2007 to:


Tina Cayce

Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services

2000 Embarcadero Cove, Suite 400

Oakland, CA 94606

FAX: (510) 567-8130 - E-mail:

or contact Jay Mahler (510) 567-8135 or Gwen Armstrong (510) 538-3581