Mental Health Panel Presentations
Mental Health Client Association
San José City College







Moving Stress Ahead:  The Value of the Deep  KENYA RAWLS  12/19

Institutional Shift to Meaningful Engagement  ORISSA SMITH-GOSSEN  5/19

Imagination:  Breaking the Mold  IRIANA LUNA  12/18

Speak to the Soul of the Process  DANIELA KANTOROVA  5/18

Kindness and Responsibility  FILM “1971”  11/17

Paths to Brilliance  JESSICA BREHENY  5/17

Making a Child Development Center Operate Well  KAREN VILLALBA  12/16

Moving Campus Climate  MARJORIE CLARK  5/16

Student Safety Discussion  MERYLEE SHELTON  11/15

Social Justice and Dignity  RICHARD HOBBS  5/15

Structural Violence  PHIL CRAWFORD  12/14

Campus Climate:  Engaging Respect and Kindness  EDMUNDO NORTE  5/14

Respect on Campus:  Civility and Sensitivity  SAM HO  12/13

Trauma Sensitivity  PAULA CAPLAN  4/13

Fairness and the Lived Experience of the ‘Behavior Object’  JEFFREY ALYN SMITH  12/12

Stereotyping and Control:  Taking Responsibility  JETHROE MOORE  5/12

A Dialogue About Occupy and the Dream of SJCC  CHARLES HEIMLER  12/11

The Puzzle of Madness  DAISLYN PEASE   5/11

Community Engagement  DOUG TREADWAY  11/10

Mental Health and Social Responsibility  ARTURO URIBE  5/10

Student Activism  HOPE HOLLAND  12/09

Community Voice and Dignity  RAJ JAYADEV  5/09

Grassroots Stakeholder Input  MAYRA CRUZ  11/08

Building Cultures of Peace  LATIKA MANGRULKAR  5/08

Theater of the Oppressed  HECTOR ARISTIZABAL  12/07

Mental Health Transformation  JOHN LESSLEY  5/07

Multicultural Student Support  ALICE TSOI  10/06

How We Talk  LESLYN MCCALLUM  5/06

Beauty Path Program  MARY CROCKER COOK  10/05

Education Based Recovery  MARICELA MARTINEZ  5/05

Dialogue Project  DELPHINE BRODY  11/04

Social Death Sentence  SUE POOLE  5/04

Networking for Social Support  SELINA GLATER  10/03